Luxury Build to Rent Communities in Texas from Landfinity

WichmanOur team at Landfinity specializes in turnkey development for build to rent communities. We are an experienced build to rent community developer providing ready to rent spaces for real estate investment groups. Our experts handle every phase of the development process for BTR communities in desirable locations across the state.

Our experts take care of selecting the ideal location and acquiring the land to build gorgeous luxury communities that attract high income renters interested in single family homes. We take care of total development, including utility connection, road construction, and site preparation for construction. Our teams also provide architecture, engineering, and interior design for upscale homes in master planned communities perfect to use as single family rentals.

Unlike many other development firms, we provide turnkey build to rent community development. Our teams have the expertise to provide total development services for large BTR communities including home building, high-density residential construction, as well as commercial development for neighborhood business corridors.

Our communities are designed specifically to target high income renters. Therefore, our SFR development services provide beautifully finished luxury homes ready to lease to high income earners. We offer start-to-finish development to simplify BTR community investment.

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Turnkey Single Family Rentals from an Experienced Build to Rent Developer

Val VerdeBuild to rent communities are becoming increasingly popular with single family rentals increasing in demand in recent years. BTR communities are a great addition to any real estate investment portfolio due to their high income generating potential compared to traditional multifamily like apartment complexes. Our BTR development services create completely finished communities full of upscale homes that appeal to the modern single family home renter. All our communities are strategically designed down to the finest detail to ensure maximum ROI for your investment. Each home in our communities utilize cohesive design elements to provide attractive communities with a suburban feel. We primarily choose geographic locations that are in-demand for high income renters throughout Texas. Our leadership offers decades of experience with real estate development, home building, and commercial construction to provide a trifecta of expertise for our build to rent communities. You can trust our team for top quality craftsmanship, superior due diligence, and unmatched experience to provide you with real estate that draws in significant profits through rental income. Master planned communities from Landfinity are strategically designed to provide maximum revenue, including through luxurious single family homes, medium density housing, as well as commercial buildings for a diverse mix of tenants that reduces risks for community owners. Get in touch with our experts now to discuss our SFR community investment opportunities and learn more about our current developments.