Commercial Land Development for Retail Spaces

Commercial Land DevelopmentOur team at Landfinity offers years of experience as commercial land developers. As part of our real estate development projects, we include commercial space to help create a turnkey community for high earning renters. We provide ground-up real estate development for retail establishments that serve our master planned communities.

The commercial buildings we create as part of our BTR communities are ideal for retail businesses of all kinds, from supermarkets to upscale boutiques. As part of our commercial land development services, we scope out the perfect locations with plenty of foot and vehicle traffic from residences in our communities as well as surrounding areas.

With decades of experience for commercial land development and commercial building construction, our team creates buildings that are perfect for neighborhood business corridors for shopping. We take care of all the land development and commercial building construction for shops, strip centers, and malls nestled in our communities full of high earning renters that serve as customers for businesses that take advantage of our commercial real estate opportunities.

Our commercial buildings are easily adaptable to a wide range of businesses, including neighborhood retail businesses like:

  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Department stores
  • Gift shops
  • Clothing & shoe stores

Investors in our communities can take advantage of these unique commercial spaces built right into our single family rental communities to increase income from commercial leases for retail establishments. Each commercial property is specifically designed to drive business and bring in desirable business tenants for the property.

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Commercial Buildings in Master Planned Communities

Park 723We build luxury communities that take into account the needs and wants of high income renters throughout Texas. Part of this includes developing commercial real estate in our master planned communities to provide convenience to residents in our BTR communities. This creates a symbiotic relationship between commercial and residential tenants that help investors maximize profits from communities we develop.

When we develop business corridors in our communities, we use our years of expertise to identify the right location and create the necessary infrastructure for successful businesses in the neighborhoods we develop. As a turnkey commercial land developer, we take care of everything from permitting to completion for commercial buildings. Each store, strip center, and mall we create is strategically placed and utilizes architectural design elements that draw attention while still integrating well with the rest of the development.

Investors in our commercial land developments gain many advantages, including high income generating properties and long lease terms from business tenants. Our class A properties are the perfect addition to any real estate portfolio.

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