High Density Single Family Rental Communities

Val VerdeOur professionals design communities that draw in renters and provide ROI to investors, which is why we build a wide range of housing based on market conditions. We use decades of experience to provide turnkey master planned community planning including low, medium, and high density housing to attract high earning renters to desirable locations throughout Texas.

As a single family rental developer, we primarily develop BTR single family homes  in our communities. Single family homes in our communities can be low density, medium density, or high density depending on the market. High density SFRs are also sometimes known as horizontal apartments, though they’re anything but the traditional apartment. These homes are fully detached and placed on smaller lots of land to provide renters the privacy of a house with many of the amenities they would receive from a luxury apartment.

All our homes are designed and constructed to provide all the modern conveniences and stylish aesthetics current renters are looking for from build to rent communities. As a turnkey build to rent community developer, we take care of all the planning and development for our master planned communities, providing investors with completely finished ready to rent spaces to earn passive income through a variety of SFR units and commercial space.

As part of our mixed use communities, we provide residential architecture, design, and development for a variety of residence types and sizes, including:

  • Single family homes
  • Horizontal apartments
  • Townhomes
  • Duplexes
  • Triplexes
  • Condos

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Horizontal Multifamily Investment Opportunities from Landfinity

WichmanOur communities offer a strategic blend of low, medium, and high density housing designed with middle and upper class renters in mind. As renters look for larger and more private spaces, the single family rental is becoming more popular than the traditional apartment complex, making our communities the ideal real estate investment opportunity.

Horizontal multifamily is a growing trend that focuses on providing renters with the advantages of single family home living with the many amenities they would receive in a high end apartment complex. The result is high income generating real estate for community investors.

We are a turnkey developer for master planned, build to rent communities focused on high earning renters. Each community is strategically planned from the location down to the architectural details of each structure in the community. Our team uniquely provides land development, home building, and commercial construction to create healthy mixed use neighborhoods that provide high profits for investors.

By including both low and high density upscale housing, investors are able to diversify rental income and appeal to a wider audience of high end renters. We specialize in turnkey build to rent community development for luxury homes in Texas.

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