Master Planned Communities from Landfinity

e 33rdOur experts at Landfinity design and develop master planned communities designed to provide maximum ROI for community investors. We offer decades of real estate development experience to create profitable build to rent communities throughout Texas.

Unlike many other master planned communities, we offer turnkey solutions for everything from land acquisition and development to home building and commercial construction to create modern mixed use communities that draw in high income renters.

Our teams take care of every phase of the development process for superior continuity for community aesthetics and design. Since we take care of all development in-house, you can trust our subdivisions offer fine craftsmanship that will provide revenue for decades to come.

We rely on decades of experience in real estate and development to provide all the planning and design for our luxury master planned communities specifically for the build to rent market. Every element of our communities, from the buildings down to the landscaping all meet specific themes designed to create a pleasant place to live that brings in the right type of renters for the community. Because we take care of each phase of planning and development, our communities are perfectly united by neighborhood aesthetics that renters love.

All our single family rental communities feature a variety of houses to meet various needs of today’s renters. We create houses of different types and sizes all while ensuring each home meets our design principles for the neighborhood for curb appeal and community allure. With master planned communities from Landfinity, investors are sure to attract the right type of renters to maximize profits and benefit from long-term rental income.

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Experienced Turnkey Real Estate Development for Luxury SFR Communities

E 33rdToday’s renters want to live in master planned communities because of the many benefits they offer, including beautiful architecture, great amenities, and a sense of community among neighbors. Our world-class mixed use master planned communities go above and beyond to ensure tenants are willing to pay a premium to live in our communities filled with features and amenities they love.

As a turnkey build to rent community developer, we conduct all the due diligence and market research to ensure our developments are attractive and bring in profitable rental income. Our teams identify prime locations for our master planned communities and create the residences and commercial buildings needed to create an upscale neighborhood of single family rentals ideal for real estate investment groups. Our homes are the perfect mix to ensure the community attracts a wide range of middle and upper class renters looking for the master planned community lifestyle and willing to pay a premium to live in our fine-crafted homes.

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