Land Development for Mixed Use Communities

Val VerdeOur teams at Landfinity specialize in end-to-end mixed use development to build upscale build to rent communities. We are uniquely positioned to take care of turnkey development and construction for both residential and commercial properties.

We create high end subdivisions specifically designed for the single family rental market. In our communities, we also take care of turnkey commercial land development to create successful business corridors. Our teams offer design, development, and construction for walkable communities in desirable locations throughout Texas  to attract valuable renters for both residential and commercial spaces.

With decades of experience for both commercial and residential development, we provide all the services needed for unique mixed use luxury neighborhoods. Our capabilities are wide-reaching, including both traditional vertical mixed use buildings as well as horizontal mixed use developments.

Mixed use buildings in our BTR communities offer diverse options for rental income. Depending on the location and design of the community, mixed use commercial buildings might feature retail space plus offices above for businesses to rent. Paired with our gorgeous residential communities full of luxury homes for rent, businesses can thrive and add vibrancy to the neighborhood by providing a place for residents to work, shop, and browse.

More and more investors are choosing mixed use developments to reduce risks and diversify asset holdings. Our team is here to provide comprehensive real estate development services for complete communities. We manage each phase of the project to provide you with ready to lease spaces for residential and commercial tenants.

Our services include:

  • Land development
  • Home design build
  • Commercial design build

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Mixed Use Development from Landfinity

Mixed Use DevelopmentOur experts at Landfinity build lasting mixed-use communities for investors to maximize passive income from both residential and commercial sources. We take care of each phase of real estate development in-house to ensure superior quality, craftsmanship, and revenue generating potential.

We are proud to take care of turnkey BTR community building through land development, home building, and commercial construction to create desirable neighborhoods that attract the right type of renters for your investment.

We are proud to provide a trifecta of services to provide move-in ready communities for real estate investment groups. Trust our decades of experience and proven track record for quality and high ROI producing communities. We have the expertise to provide comprehensive services, from choosing the right location to putting the finishing touches on commercial architecture in the neighborhood.

Each community we develop is specifically designed to appeal to the right market and provide passive income for decades to come. Our all-in-one communities are the perfect investment opportunity for the build to rent market.

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