Aerial view of horizontal mixed use community development.

Why Horizontal Mixed Use Community Development?

There are many types of mixed use community development options that make great real estate investment opportunities. One less-known mixed use option is horizontal mixed use. This is quickly becoming more popular among higher earning renters. In this article, we’ll discuss what horizontal mixed use communities are and why they’re in such high demand. 

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What is Mixed Use Community Development?

Aerial view of horizontal mixed use community development.
Horizontal mixed use community development creates singular residential and commercial buildings in one master planned community.

Mixed use community development is a particular kind of land development. It blends together residential and commercial spaces in a way that is seamless and attractive to both kinds of tenants. Many people associate the term “mixed use” with vertical mixed use. This is where the bottom floor is commercial and the top floors are high density residential apartments.

However, this is not the only kind of mixed use property out there. In fact, horizontal mixed use is becoming ever more popular, and it’s not hard to see why. Horizontal mixed use community development involves creating single use buildings for both residential and commercial uses. So, there will be single family homes in the community and also commercial buildings for businesses. As build to rent developers, we use mixed use to create desirable communities to live in that also reduce risks for investors because these properties offer both residential and business tenants. 

Benefits of Horizontal Mixed Use for Walkable Neighborhoods

There are many benefits of horizontal mixed use communities, for both renters and investors. For instance, having commercial corridors in these communities creates walkable neighborhoods, which are in high demand. Many renters looking to rent single family homes like in a build to rent community want the luxury of suburban living, but with some of the perks of urban life. That’s why these communities are often located within commuting distance to cities and also feature commercial areas. It’s a major factor in the choice to rent and may also be a selling point for higher rental prices.

It’s also a big pull for commercial tenants. Businesses like to lease spaces in good locations that are close to their customers. With mixed use community development, business tenants get a built-in clientele of the neighborhood residents. Therefore, investors in these communities can also often charge more for commercial leases. 

With both residential and commercial areas in these developments, it also creates a stronger sense of community. With normal master planned community development, there’s already a sense of community through the cohesive design and standards that come with living in one of these neighborhoods. Adding a commercial corridor can be a big draw. It’s a great way to help people feel like they’re connected to the area and to other residents. In turn, this creates happy, long-term tenants that are willing to pay a premium to live in such a nice community.

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