Houses in mixed use community development

Pros & Cons of Mixed Use Community Development

Houses in mixed use community development
Mixed use community development offers a good opportunity to real estate investors.

Mixed use community development is really in demand right now. This is particularly true of horizontal mixed use communities, which feature separate buildings and lots for homes and commercial buildings. There are many pros and cons of mixed use development. Read on to learn more about the benefits and downsides of mixed use. 

Mixed use community development combines commercial and residential development to create all-in-one walkable communities. Experienced developers like our team design these communities to provide appealing places to live and conduct business all within a small community. 

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Advantages of Mixed Use Community Development

There are many upsides to mixed use community development. For one, they are really appealing to both residential and commercial renters. Today, people really crave that village-like community feel where they feel connected to the neighborhood and their neighbors. Having a place like a neighborhood center with shops and businesses is a great way to establish this. Mixed use walkable communities are particularly popular with millennials, which is one reason to include commercial corridors in residential land development projects. 

Another major advantage of mixed use development is that it helps diversify your investment. Mixed use communities are incredibly stable and are less prone to issues tied to market fluctuations. Also, because there are both commercial and residential tenants, this tends to make the income more stable. 

Disadvantages of Mixed Use Communities

Of course, there are also drawbacks to mixed use community development as well. Otherwise, all communities would be mixed use. It’s important to understand the potential risks to ensure your investment is sound. 

One issue that may come up with mixed use development is difficulty getting plans approved. Many zoning laws don’t permit commercial and residential buildings to be close together like they are in mixed use communities. Your commercial land developer will handle all this during the research phase before acquiring the piece of land and creating plans, but it is one thing to think about. 

Also, these communities can be difficult to manage for investors. Generally, investment groups hire property management companies to handle day to day operations for communities. However, with mixed use community development, this means managing both residential and commercial properties in one area. In many cases, property management companies will only handle one or the other. In these cases, it means either having two separate management entities or finding a company that manages both, which can be difficult. 

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