Houses in master planned community development

What to Know About Master Planned Community Development

Houses in master planned community development
Master planned community development offers a great real estate investment opportunity.

Master planned community development offers a lot of advantages compared to the average subdivision or neighborhood. These developments attract a lot of attention from potential tenants. Many people prefer living in master planned communities because of the many benefits they bring, which can increase income for the community. In this article, we’ll discuss some things to know about master planned communities. 

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What is Master Planned Community Development?

Master planned community development is a type of development for subdivisions and neighborhoods. They require careful planning and organization to create communities that provide a certain look and feel. Typically, master planned community development takes place in desirable areas away from the city, but still within commuting distance. For these communities, a residential land developer must choose the location carefully to ensure there’s not only enough space, but a demand for people to live there. 

Master planned communities are different from a normal subdivision because they feature additional planning and amenities for residents. For instance, many master planned community developments feature commercial centers with shops, eateries, and other businesses. In residential areas, there are usually a variety of housing options to choose from, all featuring cohesive architecture and landscaping to create a unified and attractive appearance. In addition to all these features, master planned community development also involves creating community amenities specifically for the target market. They’re different for each community, but common amenities include pools, parks, walking trails, and even golf courses. 

Benefits of Master Planned Communities

There are many reasons master planned communities are an increasingly popular type of residential land development project. For one, a significant number of people prefer to live in master planned communities. They can often offer more stable property values, create a sense of community, and also offer a city-like feel without actually having to live in the city. Also, the amenities are often a good draw for higher income earning individuals and families who want to live in single family residences with some extra perks like access to shared spaces they otherwise wouldn’t have on their own properties. 

Because they’re so popular and desirable to live in, master planned communities are also a great investment. Many people are willing to pay a premium to live in these communities, which can create higher incomes for these investment properties. In addition, since they also often feature commercial corridors, these communities offer built-in diversification, since there will be both residential and commercial tenants paying rent. 

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