Modern farmhouse homes in build to rent development

Why Invest in Build to Rent Development?

Build to rent development is booming, so there’s no better time than now to invest in these communities. Working with the right developer is crucial to ensure you get a profitable and reliable investment for your dollars. In this article, we’ll discuss build to rent (BTR) and why it’s a great opportunity for real estate investment groups. 

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What is a Build to Rent Development?

Modern farmhouse homes in build to rent development
A build to rent development is the perfect real estate investment opportunity.

You might be wondering what a build to rent development is. This is a type of construction development that has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. Build to rent is a type of development where developers build communities of single family homes intended to be rented out. Owners of these communities are usually large investment groups and mega landlords. 

Unlike traditional multi-family, BTR involves master planned community development with high-end housing to appeal to higher income renters. For instance, a lot of build to rent tenants are actually millennials who can’t afford to purchase a home, but can afford higher rents. A lot of those in this generation lead lifestyles that are now to the point where they want the extra space and flexibility of a single family home. They also now have the income to rent one. As renters in the country get older and have higher income, many are flocking to build to rent developments to enjoy many of the perks of homeownership without the mortgage and down payment. 

Build to rent development projects generally come with all the normal amenities of owning a home in a master planned community, including HOAs, cohesive aesthetics, and community centers. Our projects also generally include commercial developments strategically located to serve the community and provide additional opportunity for rental income from business tenants. 

Why These Master Planned Community Developments are Beneficial for Investors

Now, let’s get into why build to rent developments are a great investment. The first is that they’re pretty low maintenance in terms of management, as most BTR owners hire property management companies to handle the entire community for them, so it’s not a very laborious investment. 

Additionally, these communities can grab astounding levels of passive income. Build to rent is in high demand, with many people willing to pay a premium for the comfort that comes with single family homes. In fact, many renters are happy to pay more for a build to rent home compared to an apartment or condo with the same number of bedrooms. 

Another key benefit is that these communities often have low vacancy rates and high retention rates. Once renters find the right single family rental, they’re much more likely to renew their lease and stay on for the long-term. Therefore, these investments often offer more stable income compared to apartment buildings.

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